Call Center Solutions

One stop shop for all your call center needs from DID's, SIP Trunks, Unlimited Extensions, Metered Extensions, Termination, and more.

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Home Service

Take advantage of the best value around. Highspeed internet calls are the future of communications. Give TelMart a try and finally enjoy paying a low telephone bill. We have local and international plans as well as calling cards and others

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Network Support

We use our integrated system to work with your current solution if you are not looking to replace their service. We have the support and know how to handle your communication needs.

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Save with out risking quality


TelMart's main focus is innovation. This allows us to give you new technology, quality and clear calls with out making you go over budget.

Our virtual platform allows us to give you a better price from the competition with solutions catered you your specific needs. A combination of services places us at the top of the competition chart, partnering with world leaders in communications like Voxbone and others.

You have full access and control over your own pbx, allowing you to cut cost in direct support. You can count on our team to be present with a solution when you need it.


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Please take your time and review our pricing plans. We've created a solution for different scenarios that will allow us to accommodate to your needs.